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Welcome to Suncrafted Middleborough

The Suncrafted Story Begins, a brand started with just an idea when cannabis was available to patients only in Massachusetts with founders and management from the State’s social equity program. In the years to follow, this brand would find its home at the headquarters of Holistic Health Group, a facility built from the ground up with plants and people in mind – over 80% of the building makes use of natural sunlight!

Suncrafted Middleborough’s products are likewise made (by people AND plants) for our patients and customers that have sought out our nature-based approach to cultivation, processing and distribution. 


Our products are all grown in the fresh New England air, using soil and filtered water for the best natural products available. Our flower is then meticulously trimmed, dried and cured using proprietary methods and equipment with unmatched precision. All of this is accomplsihed in beautiful Middleborough, MA


Looking for the perfect cannabis strain? Our production and retail teams work every day in the same building at our Middleborough location, communicating regularly about patient and customer requests and needs, to select and create the best genetics and products for our patrons whether local or visiting


Our founders at Holistic Health Group, learned early on that cannabis can play a critical role in modern medicine. The team works hard to inform not only patients but healthcare providers, policy makers and other stakeholders in the many, many therapeutic uses of this plant. Be sure to visit us in beautiful Middeborough, MA

Our Mission

It is the simple idea of producing sustainable medicine.

Management at Suncrafted Middleborough, strives to tie every business decision to a basis in sustainability and/or medicine. From cultivation, to extraction & production, through sales, you will find these principles embedded in the company’s DNA. Suncrafted Middleborough represents the idea that everything is better in nature. The plants we grow, the people we employ and those we serve, all deserve some time each day under the sun.

Our Products

Any cannabis plant or product sold under the Suncrafted brand name will have been harvested from plants that thrived under direct sunlight. Suncrafted Middleborough's live rosin, derived from an ice water bath of its plants, forms the sustainable base ingredient for many of its products which include rosin cartridges, tinctures and gummies.

Every product we sell is rigorously tested both internally and by third parties to ensure it meets some of the strictest cleanliness standards in the country. Suncrafted products are known for both for their purity and potency.

Community Based Trust & Partnership

True to the name of its parent company, the Suncrafted® brand and products are an expression of a business model that honors all of its stakeholders: patients, consumers, the community, environment and Town of Middleborough, neighboring small businesses, suppliers, vendors, and our partners in advancing equity and diversity in the cannabis industry.

Ownership and financing of Suncrafted® is all Massachusetts-based.

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